The Power of Dreaming Intro

The Power of Dreaming

When we dream, our minds open to many different levels of our being. This makes it possible to even have psychic experiences.

Dreams are one of the few ways we have to see into our unconscious or higher self, so we can understand what is beneath the surface of our limited outer consciousness.

The dream, or our higher self is like a bird high above the road we are traveling, it can see more than our conscious mind. The more we learn to recall and understand dreams, the better we understand our deeper motivations, fears, desires, and unconscious knowing.  

Essentially the reason for our dreams is to make us aware of what we are going through in our lives based on our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Dreams show us the desires that are motivating us and help us sense the needs of our bodies. They can provide insights for living life more creatively and assist us in making important decisions based on what we already know at a conscious level.

Dreams can aid us by bringing our life into focus.

Working with our dreams can be like speaking with a trusted friend who knows everything about us and is just there for us to discuss what’s going on in our lives. Most of the time, the friend will just listen, but it’s in the listening that we can begin to find answers within our own self. The answers have been there all the time; we just never knew how to look for them.

In this class you will learn

  • Purpose of dreams
  • Exploration and examples of dreams and their meanings
  • How to interpret your dreams
  • Listening to your dreams
  • Dream Symbols
  • How to start a Dream Journal
  • Extra: How to create art around your dreams

Learn how to recall and work with your dreams, you’ll be amazed at the insights and guidance you receive!

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