Ten day Retreat (in exotic Bali)

Bali imagesBreak through to a new, more exciting life! Break the bonds that hold you back, in the most exotic setting in the world.

Imagine yourself on this tropical, mystical island for 10 days. You feel the ocean breezes and you are being pampered with massages and savory, healthy meals. Peace, tranquility and smiles all around you. This is the atmosphere you will find yourself in as you are encouraged to learn and put into practice the revolutionary 8 step program to become an empowered, vibrant, authentic being.

This retreat incorporates  helping at the orphanage,  breaking through to the real, happy and peaceful you and absorbing the mystical vibration of the island and their rich, peaceful culture.

We begin each day with Yoga, Meditation and a fresh, nutritious breakfast. Before learning about each powerful step that will unlock your magnificence, you can relax, enjoy the scenery, read, or go for a walk. This is your time. This is the time you begin to step into your authentic, vibrant self.

BAli indexWe will go to the orphanage to meet the children we support. A portion of your cost for this trip goes to the orphanages. There we will give love in various capacities to those sweet kids and you will meet yourself in your ability to give and receive. It is a profound experience being able to serve others in need, to implement the transformational steps as you learn them.

We explore the island, the culture and the many things to see. We visit some of Bali’s  fascinating and mystical locations. My inside connections will take you to some places that the tourists don’t know about.

Bali retreatThe people of this island and the environment surrounding you will reach deep into your being.

This one of a kind, unique retreat in the vibration and energy of the island, our work with the children, the gentle peaceful life-style, your higher awareness…. will change you!

You will come home a different person! I am excited to lead you through this program and to see your life expand in ways you can hardly imagine!



You will receive Christina’s new book as a gift.

10% of your cost will go to LovingOrphansGlobal.org. A Non-Profit for aid to orphans.

Cost: $4995 (plus airfare)

Deposit: $1500

  • Join in an incredible 10-day journey of illumination and spiritual retreat.
  • Learn the unique, powerful steps that will transform your life.
  • Stay in beautiful locations that cater to your work and make the journey enjoyable.
  • Align with who you are becoming through sacred vibrations and ceremonies.
  • Exclusive excursions exploring Bali’s culture and traditions.
  • Connect heart to heart with the wisdom of the people of Bali.
  • Add yoga, meditation or individual healing sessions to enrich your personal growth and experience.



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