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We work with a non-profit where I know the founder personally. So many Charities keep  over 50% of donations received as salaries for their top executives. Therefore most of your money does not go to the children. There are so many loopholes in the rules and regulations of a non-profit organization that make this misappropriation possible.

I have searched for years to find someone who is honest and cares about the kids.  His name is Richard Lawson. He gives everything that comes in to those children. He works in  Uganda | Kenya | Rwanda | Thailand | Myanmar India | Nepal | Indonesia  He travels to each orphanage to help them become self-sustainable. But even if they are able to provide food and shelter for themselves, there are many “extras” that are beyond their reach.

Our newest project is to provide the Orphanages in Eastern Bali and India with Washers and Dryers.

The poverty there is often unimaginable for us here in the US. Yet those kids are the sweetest, most loving little kids I have ever met. The women who take care of them give their all to make a home for them.
I am calling on you who read my posts to open your heart and give just a little to help two of the orphanages to buy some washers and dryers.
There are about 18 kids in Eastern Bali. They live on a piece of land filled with dirt, bugs and absolutely no amenities. Showers are a bucket of water, clothes are hand-washed in the same bucket and hung to dry on a line in the dust.
Their goal is to become self-sufficient. They have planted papaya and banana, which they eat and trade for other foods . They are raising pigs and chickens. Each of the kids have jobs to contribute to the “family”. Some of these generous, loving, happy children were rescued from the streets where they sometimes lived for years.

The Orphanage in Vishakapatnam, India has less ability to sustain itself. It is a work in progress. Many of us are supporting those kids to create a better living environment for them.
A small amount from a few of you would buy those washmachines. Search your heart. For more information and donations go to www.lovingorphansglobal.org

Our goal is to collect $4000 by Christmas 2013

We currently have $50

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