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Wherever you go, there you are…….NOT




Wherever you go, there you are, right? Sounds reasonable. After all, you are going, therefore you will find yourself there. Wherever that is.

Going to the supermarket? There you are. Going to Africa? There you are.

What if I said…. not so fast. Maybe you won’t find all of yourself there. Or you’ll find parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

People like to say that everything will be the same regardless of location. At least many people in my life have said that. I’ve been told that happiness is within and if you can’t be happy here, you won’t be happy anywhere.

Well, I am disputing that!

I haven’t attained enlightenment yet, so I am still working on finding the best way to maneuver through this life. And yes, I do know that happiness is ultimately within, but there are definitely some exterior circumstances affecting it.

This is what I have found.

Each location carries its own energy. It has its own frequency.

It is something we cannot see, but we have an awareness of it.

You have experienced vibrational energy when you think of times you entered a room full of people. Entering that room may have felt welcoming to you, because it was filled with happy people and positivity. It may have felt uptight, stressful and filled with nervous energy. It may have felt like there was a lot of anger and disappointment.

Whatever it was, you noticed. It affected you.

I use that example because each place on our planet carries its own type of energy based on local history, beliefs, way of life and the climate. Yes, the weather matters.

Compared to the US, Europeans, for example, have a completely different outlook on life, based on their history. That continent has experienced so much change and upheaval. It is like a really old person, who has had a long eventful life. That society has gone through being ruled by Kings and Emperors, Tyrants and modern day Politicians. It has gone through the Dark Ages, the Industrial Revolution, many, many wars, including WWI and WWII, famine, the Depression…….just to name a few. This past has affected the population, it is in their genes, their DNA. A child in Europe is born with that burden of his or her ancestors’ knowledge.

The people in Europe have a long past; hundreds, thousands of years. Going back to the Stone Age and further. It is all condensed and packed into that small continent. You can feel that.

Northern Europeans are generally more somber and intense. Customarily, they smile less and accept the difficulties of life more readily. They have their rules, manners and etiquette. They have their own type of humor, which is typically more sarcastic.

Southern Europeans have that history as well, but they have a warmer climate. Think of Italy, Spain and Greece for example. The energy there is distinctly different from the North. There is more laughter, dancing and an easier way of life layered on top of that somber, age old density of disappointment, pain and suffering.

The climate, as you see, plays a huge part in our lives.

When it is cold, we bundle up, huddle within ourselves and tensely focus on our outside chores to get them done quickly. We stick with what we know and don’t venture outside of that realm generally. The cold doesn’t invite an open, languid, leisurely way of life. Warmth and sunshine on the other hand, create a free, expansive environment. We like being outside, taking our time and being relaxed.

Each continent has its prevailing energy. Each country within that continent develops its own belief system and culture, which gives off its own variation of that energy. You can break that down again into states and counties even.

So, let’s say, you are from Minnesota and I am from Florida. Would you agree that we have a different outlook on life and therefore have our own distinctive spirit? If we each felt our very best in our home states, it’s reasonable to say that if you went to Florida, you might feel off and not totally yourself.

If your nature is open, sociable and active, you will probably feel really miserable in a place where people are closed, suspicious and keep to themselves.

I’ve talked to many people who took the risk to change their circumstances. People who didn’t do well where they were planted. They assumed that this was just the way it was. They had no idea that a change in location could change their lives.

One young man was a terrible student. He barely graduated High School, got into drugs and didn’t look forward to much. His days consisted of odd jobs and hanging out with like-minded buddies. Going to college was not a consideration. However, a few things occurred that caused him to explore a college in another state. He packed his beat up old jeep with a few belongings and moved. Today he is contemplating getting his PhD, is a spiritual, productive, active health nut and has tons of successful friends. He loves where he lives and knows this would not have happened in his place of origin.

An older Australian couple occasionally vacationed on an exotic island, while they were raising their kids. Life was a struggle, filled with somber, soul deadening jobs and chores. There was no lightness and even less laughter. As soon as the kids graduated and went out on their own, they left everything behind to move to that island. I met them surrounded by good friends in a room filled with laughter, anticipation and happiness. This couple had no idea how to make it financially. They sold their belongings and simply trusted that it would work out. It did!

A very successful American woman in her new location didn’t always experience life that way. She used to be married, was raising the kids while he worked and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. All this while living in Europe. It should have been a dream come true. It wasn’t for her. She found herself at the end of her rope, packed up the kids and moved to the east coast of the US, which suited her so much better and she found her calling.

You probably know someone who took the chance to go somewhere else and it turned out to be the best move they made, because the energy in that new location suited their personality better.

This country has many different energies. The east is built on history, it is older, more set in its ways. It takes a while for a newcomer to be accepted. People typically keep to themselves and stick with the tried and true.

The west was settled by pioneers. Their very nature was curious, adventuresome, open, searching for a better life. It is still the place where most new thoughts and things originate; things that first appear unusual and weird are tried. Odd experiments are accepted and people connect more easily, because being open to new ways of doing things was essential in the pioneer days.

There isn’t really anything new in this universe, but that is another topic.

The point is: Location makes a difference! There are places on this planet that bring out our optimal personality. Places that actually make you more content and possibly happier. Your heart sings. Your life feels richer, more stimulating or peaceful, more joyful, which in turn makes you a more contributing, productive, loving member of society.

So don’t let anyone tell you, wherever you go, there you are. Explore for yourself! You might find you are not at all who you thought you were.

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More on the Law of Attraction





It has become such a common topic of conversation and it seems that everyone is an expert. Yes, just think better thoughts and your life will change.

Believing in the law of attraction seems to be the norm now. At least in my circles and also in most things I read. But the really honest people have begun to voice doubts and are raising questions.

Well, if it’s that easy, why hasn’t anything manifested? Why has nothing changed?

These are people who are doing the work. They meditate, they have laser like focus, they have a vision board or some kind of written goal, and they practice a positive outlook.


What is going on?

I do believe in the law of attraction. I do believe that our creator has put laws in place for us that rule our earthly existence. But when has anything been really simple?

Has it been in your life? It certainly hasn’t been in mine.

We believe because we have had an experience that confirms our thoughts.

First my story on why I believe.

When I lived in Virginia, I created vision board with just a few pictures. Material possessions weren’t a main goal at that time, my lifestyle was my top priority. I wanted to live in California, by the ocean, with a garden, restaurants and stores within walking distance and freedom in my work and way of life. The pictures I cut out stirred my soul and made me smile every day. I taped that vision board on my refrigerator and looked at it every morning while drinking my tea or coffee.

Within a year I had everything on that board. I didn’t even realize what was going on while it was in process. My husband got a job offer in California. We packed up a huge house full of stuff. He came out before I did and chose a place to live. All my previous work led up to this and gave me the financial freedom to live my desired lifestyle. I created my garden.


That was many years ago. In the meantime, I was led to work in a different arena where I spoke to many people about life.

This is what I have seen so far:

  • We often do not recognize our deepest beliefs (such as a deep sense of unworthiness or guilt).
  • We may be carrying old stuff, such as past life trauma or beliefs (that’s a topic for another time)
  • We may be so conditioned by society that we “want” what we are taught. In other words, we don’t really want it.

So of course, when we layer a desire on top of those deep-seated old patterns, it cannot bring you the consciously desired outcome.

You may get close enough to almost have it, but then it vanishes. Maybe that has happened to you more than once.

Depending on your general outlook on life, it can leave you frustrated to the point of giving up (wanting it) to feeling deep despair to giving up this life. I have seen that close up. It breaks my heart.

So, what is the solution?

Life on this planet is constantly expanding. Wouldn’t you agree?

We are experiencing things, awarenesses, lifestyles and possibilities we have not had before. A simple example is flying. A century ago my grandmother didn’t fly anywhere. She traveled by car at best. Then only the wealthy or well to do had the opportunity to get on a plane. Now, it seems everyone has been on a plane.

It’s the same with our awareness. A century ago we were still very focused on survival, fitting into a rigid society, we now have reached a way of life in which we can give attention to more esoteric topics.

Let’s go out on a limb here.

Life is energy, vibration. Many invisible forces are at work.

Some people on our planet are connected to these forces. They can see your energy, your vibration, maybe your past lives and deepest beliefs. They can channel God’s love and healing powers.

Check out “John of God” in Brazil, for example.

Maybe you have had a past life or experienced a traumatic event that has etched itself into your cellular memory. These things are difficult to eradicate with visualization only.

Maybe you feel deeply unworthy and are not aware of it. It’s a common human condition.

Utilize the abilities of these healers. See an intuitive, a psychic, a channeler. Go to workshops, retreats, get acupuncture, acupressure, cranio-sacral work, nutritional guidance.

There is so much out there. You will know or sense what is in your best interest.

If money is an issue, find people who have a deep trust and faith and will ask for donations only.

Even if you just explore, you will get answers you did not have before, which will guide you to your purpose.

For example, I have had only two cranio-sacral treatments in my life. After the first one, I couldn’t even have told you what it was. I only knew it was a powerful, life-changing experience for me.

Now I can tell you more about it, since the second one was equally powerful.

What I am saying is: Don’t give up!!! Explore, try different things and trust that your life is on purpose.

Check out our retreats, complete with healers and access to higher vibrations.

www.christinadevalencia.com go to Retreats and Events

or contact me christina@christinadevalencia.com

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Failure = Success.

I think this is worth retelling:

Why would I make such a statement?  Because it’s true!

The truth is, actually, that there is no failure, remember?  But for the sake of this conversation, we’ll use the word.

So failure is doing something and not having it work out, or turn out, as you expected.  It can be going for a job interview and not getting it, starting to clean out the garage and not finishing it, beginning a relationship and having it end, maybe before it even really got started at all.

Your ability to allow yourself to fail absolutely defines and creates your ability to succeed.  Here’s why…

When you lose the fear of failing and determine that you will stay focused on what you want, no matter what (possibly failing multiple times), you continue to move forward.  With each ‘failure’ you gather further information; maybe an employer or a certain job takes a certification or some other training.  Now you can take the new information and choose to either get what is needed, or choose to go in a different direction.  Either way, you are choosing a solution, and moving forward!  Maybe you determine that cleaning out the garage needs to be done in sections, allowing yourself more than one day, you create a ‘schedule’ to get it done; you create a better solution with the information that the ‘failure’ has given you.  You will begin to align yourself to what you want.  And this can be applied to many areas of your life.

Now I could say it’s the law of averages, meaning that the more attempts you make at something the better the odds of you attaining what you want, and that does play a part, but it’s the energy behind that statement that allows it to work.

This is why:  As you continue to gather further information with each attempt, you are honing your ‘asking’; you are further defining what it is that you want.  Maybe you thought you wanted a certain type of person in a relationship, or you wanted a certain type of job, only to find that you are changing your parameters after collecting more information; you don’t want what you thought you did!  This new information is allowing you to begin to line up with what you do want.

The more you are willing to fail, the more information you are collecting; the more you are defining, and re-defining, what you want.  Imagine, if you are less willing to risk the fear of failing, then you will move more slowly toward your goal; possibly you won’t move at all!  Staying stuck and letting fear ‘drive your bus’, ruining all of your fun, is simply not an option!  Re-write your thoughts about what you think you are ‘failing’ at.  If you went on a job interview and didn’t get the job, you have a choice in how to think about it.  You can think, ‘I don’t like those people’ spinning negativity throughout your day and reality and job search, or you can say, ‘Oh well, that didn’t feel good and it wasn’t for me, and I know because everything that is meant for me comes with ease’.  That provides a release of all negative energy, and now you are ready to face many interviews, collect more and more information, until you create the perfect opportunity.  This does take listening to yourself, both to see what thoughts are creating a negative vibe and to figure out a solution; to figure out a new direction or new goal.

So, Failure is the gateway to Success.  Get on the bike, know that you may fall off in order to learn how to ride it!

As written by Vicki Murphy, BFA, RMPT, IEP

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