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Life on this Planet


I went to the beach the other day. A while ago I found a secluded area and that is where I was heading. We had clear, blue skies, but it was a bit cool and windy. I climbed down to my favorite spot.

I was thrilled to find that no one else was there.

The steep cliffs by the water broke some of the ragged, chilly wind coming off the water and it actually felt warm.

I took a deep breath and allowed that euphoric, exhilarating, mystical feeling of being at the ocean wash over me. The warm sun and the breeze felt so good. I began to relax.

I spread my towel, took off my shorts and sat down, giving thanks for this blessing. There wasn’t a soul for about a third of a mile in either direction.

A few moments later I noticed a man coming down the cliffs. He was trying to catch my attention. As a matter of fact, a quick glimpse affirmed that he was staring at me. I felt invaded and poignantly looked away, hoping he’d move on.

He put his towel down, no more than 20 feet away from me, and proceeded to take off ALL his clothes, making sure he was turned toward me.

I cringed, my whole body tightened, my peaceful retreat ruined. Annoyance and a little bit of fear crept in. Angry conversations…..all in my head: ”Why does he have to sit right here when there is all this space. Why does he keep staring at me, when I clearly want to be left alone? What kind of weirdo is this?”

Definitely uptight now, I kept reading the book I pulled out, determined to ignore him. I sat very still, barely breathing. I only shifted my position as he walked toward the water. I didn’t want to give him any additional reasons to watch me.

Being not too aware sometimes……I hate to admit this…..I finally questioned why I was doing this to myself. Why was I letting another person twist me all up inside and ruin my peace? Why was I still sitting here?

Social Psychologists tell us that we want to be liked and behave in ways to ensure positive feedback from others.

I started to wonder how often we do these things in life? Is it human nature to put up with this internal conflict or is it something we learned to do?

Were we taught by well-meaning adults who didn’t know any better themselves?

How many times a day do we allow others to make us feel sick, uneasy, confused and uptight? Why do we not walk away or say something when confronted with things that feel wrong?

We can all relate to stories where alarm bells go off internally, but we continue to play the “let’s not offend” game, even in the face of danger.

We’d rather abuse ourselves than take a stand for ourselves?

I think we have been conditioned to make nice, not to offend. We have become accustomed to that uncomfortable feeling within our bodies. We have forgotten how it feels to be in integrity with ourselves.

What would it look like if you could be honest with yourself?

Simply be in your body, feel what you feel and honor that. Just imagine what a sane world we would live in.……..

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Living an Inspired Life








Do you ache for more excitement, authenticity and meaning? Do you long for a way to break out of this crappy rut you have created for yourself? You want more from life, but don’t have a clue where to start?

How do you become inspired to live this passionate and enthusiastic life? A life that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and start your day. The most powerful inspiration comes when you pursue your very own distinctive, unconventional, unusual path that breaks away from the pack (the sheeples, I like to call them).

Have you ever noticed when there is a line forming, everyone stands in the one with the most people even though there are three other counters? Those are the sheeples, who follow the herd. We have been conditioned from infancy to follow the norm, to fit in, to believe what authority tells us, etc.  Everywhere you turn, you are asked to conform. If you want to feel alive, you need to work at being you, not some copy of someone else. As you get to know your real, true self, the more inspired you will become.

So who are you? How can you discover who you are?

Look at your life now. What do you like to do? When are you your happiest? It may not look like something tangible, like cooking or woodworking; it may be reading, or watching people. You may have an eye for detail in fashion or decorating. You may enjoy sailing, perhaps listening to others’ problems. As you are reading this you may be saying: Yes, that sounds great, but I need to make money. Look at the many ways people create income: Someone came up with stuffing a teddy bear with filling and a heart, giving it a name and birth certificate.  There are professional waterslide testers,Storm Chasers, Video Game Designers, Coffee/Tea Tasters just to name a few unusual actual jobs. People come up with new ways to make a living every day and you can too!

Pay attention and don’t dismiss anything. There are clues in your daily life.

There are 8 simple steps that are required for an Inspired Life. One of those is meditation.

Learn to meditate, wait…. before you say you can’t sit still and empty your mind….there are many ways to meditate. Some people do it while running, surfing or taking a walk. Being still and listening is a learning process for everyone.  You have to be willing and generous with yourself in that every second you remain still is a victory. A little at a time is good enough.

Guided meditations are a great way to begin, if it is difficult to sit and be completely still at first. Only in the stillness can we hear the answers that come from that sacred place within us.The more frantic and stressed we get, the less we find any answers. So learn to calm those racing thoughts and listen to what comes to you!

Be open. If you get invited to participate in something new: do it! If someone suggests taking a different path while hiking or walking: pursue it. If you feel the urge to take a trip: go. In your willingness to be open, doors open and you may be led to the very thing you have been searching for. Doing the same things again and again and expecting different results was defined as insanity by Einstein. So take a chance, open your mind and heart and allow new people and things into your life.

Sometimes we watch and learn from others; this is called modeling and while it is a powerful learning tool, it is only effective for a short while, as merely imitating someone else is ultimately not likely to be truly authentic or inspiring for you. What if they are living exactly the kind of life you want to live: Does that mean that you should model yourself after them? You can learn a lot from them, but you need to tailor it to your unique self. After all it’s very likely the people you admire were inspired to pursue their own unique path.

You CAN have an empowered, passionate, meaningful life ! Reaching your true potential requires a different kind of wisdom, one that requires you to develop a different concept about what is possible and a new attitude about life in general. You’ll want to acquire new life skills in order to produce higher quality results. Sound difficult? You do it one step at a time, taking  little baby steps.  It is no different than learning to ride a bicycle or eating with chopsticks.

You can do it!

If you need more help, contact me.

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