We Support Orphanages

We work with Loving Orphans Global Nonprofit Organization to support orphanages in Bali, India and Burma.

We work with the LovingOrphansGlobal Nonprofit Organization to support orphanages in Bali, India and Burma.


Our newest project is to provide the Orphanages in Eastern Bali and India with daily necessities.


The poverty there is often unimaginable for us here in the US. Yet those kids are the sweetest, most grateful, loving little kids I have ever met. The women and men who take care of them give their all to make a home for them.

They have so many needs, particularly as they grow up and go to school.

At the east Bali orphanage are about 18 kids. They live on a piece of land filled with dirt, bugs and absolutely no amenities. Showers are a bucket of water, clothes are hand-washed in the same bucket and hung to dry on a line in the dust.

The goal of the orphanage is to become self-sufficient. They have planted papaya and banana, which they eat and trade for other foods . They are raising pigs and chickens. Each of the kids have jobs to contribute to the "family".  Some of these generous, loving, happy children were rescued from the streets where they sometimes lived for years.

They need medical attention, food, school clothes, regular clothes, shoes, toys; beds, sheets, towels, school supplies, in short all the things we take for granted.

If we all give a little, it goes a long way for those children.  For more information and donations go to www.lovingorphansglobal.org

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