Peru Retreat

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Mar 31 to Apr 10, 2017

May 24 to June 4, 2017


Peru is a land of exceptional beauty, mystery, rich culture and traditions dating back  to the Incas. From the moment you step upon the earth here, you will feel an obvious change. Even from the airport you see breathtaking mountain vistas… and once you leave the city, time slows to a gentle rhythm, allowing you to escape the everyday stress and anxiety of your life at home.

Everything here feels more alive, you will feel more alive…the mountains, rivers, sky and even the hummingbirds seem more vibrant! Your days are spent soaking up the vibrations and energy from sacred sites and sitting in ceremony with our shamans. You will connect with people from around the world.

You will take control of your life again! This is the retreat that will reconnect you with your authentic self, the one who knows how to live a peaceful, passionate, vibrant life of purpose.

Imagine…..experiencing a loving, nurturing relationship with your significant other.

Imagine…..finding inner peace.

Imagine…..filling your life with joy, rich loving relationships, purposeful actions and abundance.

Imagine…..feeling empowered, strong and deserving!

Your life will end one day. It does for each one of us. How will you feel if you stay where you are now?

Maybe you’ve lost the ability to imagine the good. Give yourself the gift of rekindling that ability and creating your best life.

We are working with to give you the best possible experience and we have access to sacred passages at Machu Picchu, to shamans and guides that are native to that area. We will give back to the poor.  A portion of your cost goes as a donation to helping children and families in remote areas get food and solar lighting.

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Dates: March 31 to April 10, 2017

Cost: $ 2,995 plus airfare (ask about including airfare)
Deposit: $1,500


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