Mindfulness Food Tasting Party

Mindfulness Food Tasting Party

Heard of Mindfulness, but aren’t sure if it’s for you?

What is mindfulness?  How do you do it?  And how can you use it daily to reduce stress, create better relationships and friendships, a soul aligned career, and increase consciousness to become a better manifestor!

Want to have fun with it? Then this is for you…..a Mindfulness chocolate/food party.

You will receive all the instructions you need for your party and more.

Here’s what you will experience in this class…..

  • Learn about Mindfulness and its effectiveness.
  • Reduce your stress with food? Yes!  Join us for a fabulous energy expanding experience…
  • Become present to your daily life.
  • Mindful tasting and learn how it allows you to create healthy patterns for your body alignment (weight, etc.).
  • Mindful techniques that reduce stress & anxiety in all situations.
  • How Mindfulness can help you to build solid, healthy relationships.


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