How to Create Passion, Spirit & Adventure In Your Life

How to Create Passion, Spirit, and Adventure in Your LifeWhy do some people love what they do and others don’t?
Do you secretly believe that these people are different from you?

This book will show you everyday people, someone you might meet at the grocery store, the gym, at the gas station, in line at the movies, who love their work. These men and women are excited to get up in the morning, they are happy with their lives, they feel fulfilled and on purpose. They share their stories, their paths, sometimes their income, but most importantly they offer their emails or websites to connect with them for mentoring.

You will gain insight into what it takes to create the life you long for. Take these small steps that can bring you the excitement, meaning and purpose you were created for.


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Praise for How To Create Passion, Spirit & Adventure In Your Life

“Christina de Valencia’s passion for people is truly evident throughout this book. She chose a wide array of people to interview, so you are bound to see yourself in others’ shoes and, through the course of the book, you will feel moved. The stories are touching and serve as a gateway for inspiration in your own life. You may even reach an epiphany and this book serves as motivation”
Lindsay Swagerty, Independent Editor

“Christina is passionate about people. These stories will amaze you and warm your soul. They are thought provoking, some may make you laugh, and some may give you that Aha moment, where you say to yourself: “wow that’s me, or why don’t I try that.” There is something for everyone if you are searching. I recommend this book!”
L.R. Lawrence, Reader

“Did you ever require exhilaration? Did you ever want for more energy, drive and motivation? Did you ever feel that you were not living your live exuberantly and were lacking in the gratification of our earthly existence? Ever caught in the routine to an extent that the doldrums all but paralyzed you? Have you wanted to learn how the “doers” became such? Christina de Valencia has answers for you that can virtually change your life. Her insights are not based on dreams or intuition, as she has researched endlessly and provides her information from actual interviews of people who have overcome the aforesaid barriers and gone on to incredible adventures, success and happiness.This book is virtually a life-changer, if not a life-saver.”
Jay Vlasak, Independent Education and Management Professional

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