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Finding balance…not an easy thing






I was talking with a friend today who was wondering what the real secret to success is. Everyone always tells you to see yourself having or doing what you really want. Well, he said, that’s no problem for him, he is great at visualizing… why isn’t he successful yet?

While he was talking, someone came to mind who is always busy, always doing, but not being successful. As a matter of fact that person often runs into closed doors, impossible hurdles or just plain brick walls.

I believe that it is a balance, you have to walk the fine line of visualizing and doing. Take one step toward your goal, while you feel yourself having it. Consistently!

Understand what it is you want. Most people don’t want a bag of money, they want what the money can do for them. What is it that you really long for?

Be clear, be specific! I wasn’t planning on writing this piece, because I spent a good portion of my life being vague….. and maybe I am feeling a bit inadequate to write about being clear.

But I realize there is nothing wrong with that. I was vague enough that when something good came my way I was ready and able to jump on it. Maybe if I had been on a set course I wouldn’t have allowed myself to do that.

What I am seeing now, however, … that I know more clearly what I want….the more specific I am, the quicker I reach my specific goal.

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