We all get stuck sometimes, overwhelmed or confused. In that state of mind we can’t see the answers that may be right in front of us. Maybe you really feel that you don’t have an answer.

That’s when it is helpful to talk to someone who can help you find YOUR answers. Not someone else’s answers, not someone else’s advice, but your authentic desires and needs. You will become aware of a deeper spiritual meaning and fulfillment for your life. In short what feels right to you. I will listen to you, help you sort it out, get centered and make a plan of action based on your personality.

couples therapy


A one-time 60 minute telephone session to help you clear your head in a chaotic or confusing situation. Maybe you don’t know which way to go regarding work, had a fight with a significant person in your life, been laid off or maybe you just inherited tons of money (Yikes, what to do with it all). Let’s take a deep breath, get centered and sort it out. I will help you get clear on what your best path is.

60 Minutes

Price: $95   I also work on a sliding scale.



Sometimes you need a little more time to process a difficult situation. Maybe you are considering a divorce or a move across the country (maybe to a different country). Should you continue dating that person, how to handle that toddler or teenager?  It may just take more than one conversation around the issue. I am committed to help you get clarity to make an empowered decision around your issue. I will call you to set up days and times.

Let me finance you - no money down, no interest for six months.

Three 60 Minute Sessions

Price: $240



This is to help you become truly empowered to make a game plan to create that dynamic life you feel PASSIONATE about.  A life you LOVE!  We will talk via phone or skype. You will receive a new perspective around your issues and action steps to help you create this exciting life you have been longing for. We will start with a Questionnaire to help me understand your personality, situation, vision, values and goals. In our five 60 Minute Sessions you will learn how to design and implement the steps for that amazing life you know you are capable of creating.

Let me finance you - no money down, no interest for six months.

Price: $425



If your soul is calling to make a huge shift in your life, this is the program for you!! Are you ready to understand and utilize the support and power available to you in this life? This is where you join 5 to 8 others on the same path and we practice and implement your new understanding and insights. You will be in the energy of a different culture, (that in itself can be a powerful life-changing experience) everyone involved is on the same page and the collective power of this event will guarantee enormous growth and change in your life.   LEARN MORE

Cost:          $6995 (plus airfare)           Let me finance you - no money down, no interest for six months.

Deposit:    $1500


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