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Are you an old soul?

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I used to wonder why some people seem complacent about life as it is and others seem to question everything and know there is more than our five senses tell us. I still sit and watch others wherever I go, rarely finding anyone who makes eye-contact or expresses curiosity about others or their surroundings.

Over the course of many years I began to realize that we humans live on many different levels of awareness, hence the vastly different behaviors, opinions and ideas. I compare it to the stages we go through as we age. From infancy to becoming a teenager, to adulthood, middle age and beyond. We have completely different perspectives at each stage, because we gather experiences as we grow.

What is it that makes someone search for more, long for more in life?

These old souls are born with a desire to seek the truth.

From the moment they draw their first breath they have a longing to know more, be more, to understand truth. Instead of being wide-eyed and simplistic, these children are perceptive and complex. Instead of being fresh and uncomplicated, they are unusual and always asking questions that are out of the norm. They are usually outsiders. Often scolded for their deep, sometimes invasive questions. They seem wise beyond their years.

They like to read and often gravitate towards spending time with older people, like teachers, adult friends, grandparents. They are psychologically on the same level.

Old souls. They are the sages and mystics of the world.

They see the world clearly, honestly and don’t like to participate in small talk. As adults their views and opinions can be interpreted as pessimistic and cold rather than recognizing the old soul as awake, aware and realistic.

They often are the “black sheep” in their family or the “lone wolves” of society. Other people find it difficult to understand their behavior or the way they feel and experience the world.

For that reason they are often loners. They go their own way, often on the fringes of society. They care little for casual encounters and small talk, such as coworkers and neighbors. In toxic family relationships these old souls will release the family member who displays a stuck, destructive pattern.

Old souls sometimes struggle, feeling isolated and alien-like in the company of others who cannot relate or resonate with their experiences. They are almost otherworldly and can feel out of sync, often believing as though they exist in an alternative dimension.

These seekers prefer to look for the deeper reason of someone’s actions so they can understand instead of condemn. They are not manipulative. They are accepting, open minded and empathetic. They are great listeners, rarely the life of the party. They seem to be forgiving beyond reason and repeatedly offer compassion even if they have been hurt in the process.

Learning and understanding truth is one of the things that excites the old soul the most.

Old souls recognize each other intuitively. They have an openness not typically found in strangers. They are always observing. They view the world differently than the majority. Their mind is constantly searching for answers and theorizing, analyzing and philosophizing.

They often seem as though they are born before their time as their ideologies, beliefs, inventions, artistic expression, thoughts and unconventional lifestyles can all make them feel as though they are out of touch with their own generation. Old souls are often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misplaced in society as they have unorthodox characters which can seem eccentric, perplexing and bewildering to most.

Old souls see the truth in what is happening in the world. They draw strength and comfort from the earth and clearly see the parallels in life and nature. The old soul has a deeper and more natural connection with the world around them. They have great respect for mother nature and seek things that improve life for all, because they recognize the we need a healthy planet, body, mind and soul to survive as a species.

Are you an old soul? Feeling alone out there? Join us here, share your experiences…..


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