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The Power of Our Retreats & Workshops:

Christina’s Method is a secret recipe that has evolved over years of working with individuals. You will come home a different person with this ground breaking method. We will be using cutting edge techniques to unlock your potential quickly in an exotic, spiritual setting.

Our retreats are designed exclusively to meet the needs of women and for that reason we exclude men from our time together. We love and honor the men in our lives, we just don’t invite them on our retreats. This creates a level of intimacy, caring, sharing and emotional safety for you to really let go and heal during our time together.

Our holistic, comprehensive retreats and workshops include experiencing all areas of your being. This creates a revolutionary learning environment. When your senses and your mind are engaged things begin to shift rapidly!

We choose sacred locations with powerful energy that align you with your Higher Self.

August 15, 2016

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You are invited to join us in Bali – click here

Intellectual Learning:

To give you this holistic experience, you first have to understand what is required of you to create a purposeful and empowered life. Nothing comes together as a whole; all things are created in steps or building blocks. A house first needs a foundation, then walls, etc. Our bodies are composed of millions of cells to create the whole. It is the same with the home you are living in, it took a number of steps and components for you to arrive in that place.

You first have to learn a few new perspectives if you want to change your current way of life. You need steps to shift that experience. You need a number of parts to create a different, inspired life. This is offered in the sessions during the workshop.

Experiential Learning:

You will be taken to one of the orphanages where your heart will open to beautiful, gentle, loving, grateful children and adults, who have been through heartbreaking experiences. You are your best self, when you give yourself away! You will bring hope and love to those little ones; help make a difference in their lives by contributing in ways that are needed in the moment.

The cost for the workshop will cover lodging, meals, lessons, pampering and help purchase necessary items for the orphanage, such as sheets, clothes, shoes, food…..maybe even help build additional rooms or purchase a vehicle.

Spiritual Learning:

We integrate meditation, yoga and the energy of the country to give you a most powerful spiritual experience. The countries for the workshops were carefully chosen for their sacred energetic vibrations. ( For more on Bali’s Sacred Energetic Vibrations – click here )

Emotional Learning:

It’s not enough to just feed the mind. Research shows that your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings determines your success and happiness in all walks of life. Through our work with the children, you will become aware of yourself and others, while putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and showing that you care.

By giving to those in need, but you will uncover your purpose, that which holds meaning for you. You will learn to live an authentic life infused with spirit! This will inspire others in your life, which will cause a ripple effect throughout the world.

Imagine the powerful, joyful and inspired person you CAN be!

It’s been proven…Coaching is the single most important key to successfully attaining your goals, our retreats and workshops are like getting a year’s worth of intensive coaching in a very condensed period of time.

You are invited to join us in Bali – click here


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