About Christina de Valencia

Christina de ValenciaMy approach to life has been that of an adventurer and risk taker. This has allowed me to experience life on a broad, yet deeper level, delving into what works and what doesn’t. My natural inclination as a teacher has led me to pursue my calling as a counselor, Mindfulness teacher and author.

Life is full of challenges, unforeseen twists and turns. Sometimes our GPS malfunctions and we get lost or trapped in a perspective that makes life painful.

Whether you just need some clarity, want to live a soulful, exciting life or you are struggling with something, looking for some peace, less stress and a  way to be more present in your life…. the answers are inside you, but when confusion hits a little guidance can get you back on track.

It is my passion to help you succeed!

I have been through hardships and the struggles of self-discovery, confronting my weaknesses, inner demons and fears. I practice daily to live a fulfilling, empowered and inspired life (it isn’t always easy and some days I do hide out on the couch eating chocolate) and I trust that my creator and my intuition guide me.

I received my psychology degree and education degree at Virginia Commonwealth University and a Marriage and Family Degree at University of Phoenix.



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