About Christina de Valencia

My approach to life has been that of an explorer, adventurer and risk taker. This has allowed me to experience life on a broad, yet deep level, delving into what works and what doesn’t. My natural inclination as a teacher has led me to pursue my calling as a counselor, Mindfulness teacher and author.

Life is full of challenges, unforeseen twists and turns. Sometimes our GPS malfunctions and we get lost or trapped in a perspective that makes life painful.

Whether you are looking for some clarity, want to live a soulful, exciting life or you are struggling with something, looking for some peace, less stress and a  way to be more present in your life…. the answers are inside you, but when confusion hits a little guidance can get you back on track.

It is my passion to help you succeed!

I have been through hardships and the struggles of self-discovery, confronting my weaknesses, inner demons and fears. This has led me to daily practice of mindfulness and trust to live an empowered and inspired life (it isn’t always easy).

My psychology and education degrees at from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Marriage and Family Degree from University of Phoenix.

My articles are published at EzineArticles.com, ElephantJournal.com and SelfGrowth.com




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